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General update – Lockerz and Facebook

In Facebook,Lockerz,Money Opportunities,Scheme Test on October 12, 2009 by jimmyleec

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So at the moment the Mentalism Facebook Page is at 284 members, which isn’t too bad I suppose, but not enough to sell anything. It is steadily growing, so I guess that’s something. I got a Twitter private message (or whatever they are called on Twitter) from Bill Crosby, giving me some tips on it, and he basically showed me a video (and a mailing list) which shows how to milk Facebook with minimal effort. To tell you the truth it didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know for a 30 minute video, but it pointed me in the right sort of direction which is a good thing, and it told me what not to do. Basically what I got from it is that smaller fan pages with a more targeted audience is better than larger fan pages with a less targeted audience. It also gave some tips on engaging with your audience, but as a fan page which teaches people tricks to try on their friends, I think I’ve got that nailed down for the moment.

Anyway, I’ve got an idea for a new fan page which I’m starting while writing this, which will sort of act as a place for me to invite people to Lockerz. I will call it “Getting stuff for free“. Now everybody wants free stuff, so I think thousands will join it, and after a few posts explaining what Lockerz is, some people will be shouting “Scam” but some people will be begging for an invite! This will leave me with loads of PTZ, and hopefully enough to prove Lockerz works. Anyway, onto Lockerz in general.

I’ve got one little problem about Lockerz: if you remember in my last post I talked about how the display was apparently not working. Well it seems it’s more of a PTZ glitch than a display glitch because at the moment it says I’ve got 6 PTZ. I got 2 for inviting my little brother yesterday, (which showed up on the display, after the 10 PTZ I got previously that didn’t, and still haven’t showed up) and then 4 PTZ today (2 for signing in, 2 for completing a daily), but it’s still only saying I’ve got 6 PTZ overall. I’m hoping they fix this soon.

Another concern I have is that people have been saying stock will be restored on the 15th, but they also say that it usually runs out in seconds/minutes depending on how popular it is. So the first hurdle is getting the PTZ for that product you want, the second hurdle is being online when they restock, and the third may well be having the faster internet connection. I’m not quite sure what time they restock, hopefully they’ll update the news sometime telling me, but if not, I’ll be refreshing rigorously at midnight on Wednesday night.

Oh one more thing regarding Lockerz, you can’t redeem NTSC items (so all electrical items) if you live outside the US, so to cover this they’ll be giving amazon gift cards worth roughly the same. That sucks a bit, but at least they provided an alternative.

That’s all for now, if you would like an invite to Lockerz to experiment with me, comment below with your e-mail address.



Lockerz Explored – First impressions

In Scheme Test on October 11, 2009 by jimmyleec

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In my last post I talked about how I’d be joining the site Lockerz to see if it lives up to it’s claims and the hype. I’ve had a little play around with it and found out it’s still in the beta stage, and launches fully some time in Autumn (or Fall for you yanks), however it’s being released in stages. A lot of the site is coming soon, but the main feature (PTZ) is up and running. So lets get to it, what do I think so far?
Lockerz - Launch faq

The first thing that happened when I signed in was I was given 2 PTZ for signing in, then prompted to play a game for PTZ. I won 6 PTZ for this (if I remember correctly), then I went to the Redeem section to see how valuable PTZ are.
Lockerz - Electronics fresh out

My first impression was “Wow, these are quite cheap, if I save up for a while, I’ll have myself Apple TV!” That thought was followed by the realization that the top prizes were all Fresh Out. A closer look had me realize that it wasn’t just the top prizes that were fresh out, there wasn’t one thing in the Electronics section that was actually in stock! In fact I checked the other two sections, and the only thing that’s actually in stock is a god damn scarf for 300 PTZ!
Lockerz - Brands

Even the charity donations were out of stock! But this is just the Beta stage right? Let’s not make assumptions too quickly. Here’s what the FAQ said.
Lockerz - Fresh out faq

“Okay, well it’s past that date but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you plan to restock… for now.” So I explored it a bit more, and clicked on My Locker.
Lockerz - My Locker Place

“Okay, the notifications part is still coming soon, I don’t mind, at least I can see how many PTZ I’ve got… wait, what? 0 PTZ? Didn’t I just earn like 8?”

Lockerz - Display Error

I quick glance at the news section told me that it’s a Display error, and apparently my PTZ are safe, but we’ll see. Next I wanted to know the ways in which you get PTZ. Then I found this.

Lockerz - The "Z-List"

I told you they’d be a referral system somewhere deep in all of this. This seems to be the most rewarding, and actually feasible referral system I’ve seen though. I needed more info on the Z list.
Lockerz - The Z List

Even though I lol’d hard at the “Set a new standard of cool” bit, you can’t deny the prizes sound pretty enticing. Double PTZ? That means half the amount of time spent! So my next step was to see how many days it would take to get the highest prize if it were in stock.

Okay, assuming I win 6 PTZ every day in the game, plus the 2 PTZ you get for logging in, and the 2 PTZ you get for answering the daily, let’s see how long it would take to get enough PTZ for the Samsung HD TV, assuming it’s in stock. That’s 10 PTZ per day, so that would mean if you made this every day you would have 3000 PTZ in 300 days, just less than a year.

This took me by surprise, just under a year logging into a website and taking 5 minutes to post stuff. That would mean if I invite 20 people today, (assuming I start with 0 PTZ) which offers 2 PTZ each, and thus earning me double PTZ, it will take me just under 146 days to get that HD TV. That’s without extra referrals. It seems too good to be true… so it may well be too good to be true. Right now the only problem I’ve had is the display error which now states I have 2 PTZ (from inviting my little brother) but not the PTZ I got from the game.

So my first impression of Lockerz is that it may well be possible, but let’s just wait and see. To test it out, I’ll first save up for the cheapest (PTZ) item which is any iPhone decal, although it may not be available, in which case I’ll keep saving up until an item that I can afford becomes available. If you, like me, are an experimentalist, and want to see it for yourself, comment here and I’ll be sure to e-mail you an invite.


Lockerz – What is it?

In Scheme Test on October 11, 2009 by jimmyleec

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I’ve seen a lot about Lockerz on forums, which usually results in the post getting deleted and the user getting banned for spamming, however I’m going to take a look at what it is, and whether what it claims is true, or reachable. One thing I’ve noticed is the way people publicize it. It’s an obvious attempt to get people to sign up so I think there may be a referral scheme hidden somewhere in this but let’s just wait and see.

Okay, so I just signed up. I’ll update later with information.